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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Liquid Herbal Incense E-liq-weed Review

OK, so in recent years, new forms of designer drugs have emerged with names like K2, Bayou Blaster, Cloud 9, etc. These synthetically made substances produce the same effects as smoking pot. Just as these drugs can be made to smoke, they can be made to vape(use in an electronic cigarette)as well. This has led to the creation of many herbal incense liquids which are supposed to produce similar effects. While smoking herbal incense is banned in many states, these liquids can be purchased almost anywhere because they are not as scrutinized.
So I tried one. It was called E-LIQ-WEED. Clever, huh? It costs $15 for 5ml. This is about twice as much as regular e-cigarette liquid. It doesn't claim it will do anything but relax you, not get you high. As with many smokeable herbal incense blends, the ingredients on the E-LIQ-WEED may not be complete since they are not regulated in many places. They tell you it doesn't have any banned chemicals, but not what chemicals it does have instead of the banned ones. So, I did not know what to expect when I vaped it, but the ingredients  list items were all familiar to me:
Melatonin: a natural sleep hormone produced by the body
Gaba root: a plant known for sedative(sleepy)effects.
Triptopham: The stuff in turkey and milk that makes you sleepy
Glycerol: makes the smoke in an e-cig.
Water: uh, water.

Mostly sleepy time drugs, the only thing missing is benadryl.  And that's what it does.   No high, no head change, but the best nap ever.  So if you are looking for an herbal "high", look elsewhere because this stuff is about as good as Tylenol PM. for that.   I've heard the K2 e-liquid is much better for this kind of thing.   And the MMJ flavor tastes NOTHING like the real thing.  If you are an insomniac, this may be great for you, but if you are expecting a buzz, do not buy this stuff.